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As a consequence of modern food production, distribution and consumption systems, there is always some food that does not reach consumers. The precise reasons for this vary, but include short-dated stock, overproduction, distribution delays, end of line production, misshapen fruit or vegetables, and unsold food from the service industry, amongst others. This is the surplus food that businesses kindly donate to Bia Food Initiative.

Re-distributed by Bia Food Initiative

Surplus food usually comes in large volumes and most charities don’t have the capacity to store it. In addition, there are no fixed delivery times and the types of food available vary from week to week. This means that charities can’t plan or make the most of the surplus food that is donated. Bia Food Initiative aims to solve this problem by providing large-scale storage facilities in our depots in Cork, Galway and Dublin, as well as prompt delivery services, thereby serving the needs of donors and charities alike.

Benefitting local charities

Charities around Ireland spend millions of euro each year buying food for the families and communities that they support. While a great deal of food donation is already occurring nationally, there are still large volumes of food going unused because individual charities just can’t handle such big amounts. Bia Food Initiative takes the hassle of managing surplus food away from these charities, allowing them to concentrate on their core services, while at the same time saving them money and ensuring a regular supply of food.

Who is involved?

BiaFi could not exist without the massive support it receives from the corporate and charity sectors…


Kevin A Barry, Managing Director, Green Circle Marketing Ltd

We are very happy to work with Bia Food Initiative. We have been giving our surplus stocks to Brendan Dempsey and his SVDP project for a number of years. We are delighted to see this service expanding and evolving into Bia Food Initiative so that it is future-proofed to deal with the growing need of the service.

Brendan Dempsey, Society of St Vincent de Paul

Bia is a lifesaver to SVP. It provides essential help for families and our hostels at a time when our funds are decreasing while calls for help are on the increase week by week.

Odile Le Bolloch, EPA

We in the EPA are delighted to have been involved in supporting the establishment of the Bia Food Initiative. Since first being approached in 2012 we have thought that this very worthy initiative reflects our core principals in that it aims to improve reduce waste going to landfill, assist Irish businesses and most importantly help those people in our society who struggle to feed themselves and their families. In a a time of economic, environmental and social uncertainty the Bia Food Initiative is a great success story in our efforts to become a more equitable and resource efficient Ireland.

About us

Bia Food Initiative (BiaFi) is an Irish charity that aims to provide a socially responsible, environmentally sensitive and business-friendly alternative to wasting good food.

BiaFi believes that food waste is a mismanagement of valuable resources with social, environmental and economic consequences.


Wasting food while people go hungry is wrong!

BiaFi matches surplus food with those in need, encouraging community action and voluntary participation.


Food waste damages the environment and is a misuse of land, water and fossil fuels.

By stopping surplus food going to waste, BiaFi encourages efficient use of food and natural resources.


Wasted food is wasted money.

By preventing food waste, BiaFi helps to reduce costs for businesses, while also helping charities to save money on their food budgets.

To prevent food waste and preserve valuable resources, BiaFi raises awareness and promotes a more favourable business and policy framework for food redistribution in Ireland.


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